The Big Goose

There’s something so Australian and so 1980s about “The Big…” (fill in the blanks). The Big Pineapple, The Giant Earthworm, The Big Banana – just to name a few. (I happened to look up a few more if you are interested; most are outlined in this article). It is with amusement that I visited “TheContinue reading “The Big Goose”


Like pebbles falling through my pocket A priceless collection lost, I progressed for a while along the path Forgetting what it cost I didn’t realise that Your will Was that I should take with me Every single lesson learnt Which had helped to set me free Ashamed and broken, I bowed my head, Wondering ifContinue reading “Pebbles”

The One I Couldn’t See

Tonight I finally forgave you For the years you stripped away; The friendly words, respect and friendship Gone in just one day. For the confidence removed, Where once I held my head up high And speaking into your life was something You did not deny I wished you well and closed the door On thoseContinue reading “The One I Couldn’t See”

Kind Eyes

You have kind eyes- The kind that melt me every time. They tell me you’ll never say goodbye And you love me as I am. We’ve travelled many years as friends- Sometimes closer than you knew. Times with you are always Happy times Your eyes convey the knowledge That you understand Or you will tryContinue reading “Kind Eyes”