Like pebbles falling through my pocket

A priceless collection lost,

I progressed for a while along the path

Forgetting what it cost

I didn’t realise that Your will

Was that I should take with me

Every single lesson learnt

Which had helped to set me free

Ashamed and broken, I bowed my head,

Wondering if I should look back

To pick up all the lessons and promises

I lost along the track

I looked at You, and saw a nod,

So I made up my mind to give

Every moment of surrender to You

As a thankyou for letting me live.

I hope that one day, these boring old stones

Will be diadems in Your crown,

As I re-embrace Your promises and then

Learn to lay them down

© M.R.P. 2001

Published by mezruth

I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful and spirited young children, living in Australia. Unashamedly, I am a follower of Christ; He is my daily hope and inspiration. I enjoy dabbling in a range of hobbies ! These include (but aren't limited to) gardening, cooking, making cards, playing piano, singing, writing letters, journalling and walking in nature/ identifying animal species. I find it hard to make time for myself but I'm learning that life is too short and sometimes things must be scheduled in or the days slip away without much change. Family and friends are very important to me and I am happiest when I live my life in community.

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