Calm My Storm

Inside my soul

A storm is raging

A battle – a war

My flesh is aging

The spring in my step

The joy in my smile


The eye of the storm

The subtle ceasefire

For a moment all is calm.

Rejoicing comes

The battle won?

I dive into the busyness of life.

Once more I put my heart and soul

Into all that I can.

But the mind is cruel.

Too much, too soon

I crumble.

Careful steps

Precautionary measures

I am picked up from the dust.

The rain beats down

The wind picks up

Swords are drawn.

But I am standing

I am smiling

In my heart

I am running.

One must have a place to run to

A reason to run

Or energy is wasted.

Tears flow

My face is warm

My heart grows weary.

Hiding in the shelter

I breathe deeply

Slowly my lungs are filling

My mind is clearing

I am content to rest.

I cry from the depths of my soul

 “Calm my storm.”

Until then, I will hide and rest

Here in the shelter.

© M.R.P 1998

Published by mezruth

I enjoy personal writing (poetry and prose), editing and reading. I want to share my writing with a new audience, dusting off some of my older poems as well as writing new material. The aim is to encourage and inspire!

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