The One I Couldn’t See

Tonight I finally forgave you

For the years you stripped away;

The friendly words, respect and friendship

Gone in just one day.

For the confidence removed,

Where once I held my head up high

And speaking into your life was something

You did not deny

I wished you well and closed the door

On those much younger years;

My eyes were able to sparkle again

Instead of being filled with tears.

No longer held in the paralysing vice;

Your approval, I didn’t need –

But oh, forevermore, the wound

Will sometimes open and bleed!

I went my way and you went yours

And we’ve both found success –

I couldn’t have seen potential back then –

My life was such a mess.

Your rejection was the catalyst –

I couldn’t stay the same anymore;

I had hurt a very longstanding friend

Though I knew not the final straw.

I’ve transformed considerably since that day-

I thank you for reminding me

That the friend I needed all along

Was the One I couldn’t see.

© M.R.P 2019

Published by mezruth

I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful and spirited young children, living in Australia. Unashamedly, I am a follower of Christ; He is my daily hope and inspiration. I enjoy dabbling in a range of hobbies ! These include (but aren't limited to) gardening, cooking, making cards, playing piano, singing, writing letters, journalling and walking in nature/ identifying animal species. I find it hard to make time for myself but I'm learning that life is too short and sometimes things must be scheduled in or the days slip away without much change. Family and friends are very important to me and I am happiest when I live my life in community.

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