Round and Round

My family and I decided to check out an annual food, music and wine festival tonight. The kids played on the playground and we bumped into some old friends we hadn’t seen for a while. We heard two bands and then my hubby and son rode the dodgem cars together. It was wonderful giving my kids an experience similar to what I had enjoyed as a child. When we first arrived at the festival and saw the carnival rides, we noticed the big Ferris wheel and I longed to go on it as a whole family. Hubby wasn’t keen to spend the money, preferring to go on the Melbourne Star, but somehow I managed to convince him it was worth it. What I didn’t know, was that this was his very first Ferris wheel ride! I hadn’t been on one since my teens. As a joke, I suggested that this could be part of my birthday present.

We got on and as we reached the top and looked down to the road, I was very glad I hadn’t gone on alone with my daughter. I find heights difficult – surprising, I know (!) that I chose a Ferris wheel ride! I just wanted to be with my family having fun all together. We certainly achieved that … instead of stopping after 2 or 3 rounds as we expected, that Ferris wheel went round about 15-20 times!!! It was quite fast too, much to our amusement! If my husband was worried about value for money (it was $25 for the four of us to go on as a family) he needn’t have been!!! Round and round we went, almost as if they had forgotten to unload everyone! We had a wonderful view of all the carnival rides and the sun getting ready to set as we looked across the marina. What a wonderful way to finish the evening. We will remember those many rounds for years to come- an amusing experience for us four!

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I enjoy personal writing (poetry and prose), editing and reading. I want to share my writing with a new audience, dusting off some of my older poems as well as writing new material. The aim is to encourage and inspire!

2 thoughts on “Round and Round

    1. This Ferris wheel was the largest travelling Ferris wheel in Australia! Going forwards made me a little scared (!) but I shut my eyes for a second :). I was worried that I would drop my phone but it was so pretty I wanted to get the picture so I risked it!!!


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