The Strong Stand Firm

Just when I think the last tear has fallen,

Another trickles down;

It provokes a river,

Running freely;

All of the pain is released.

Pictures flash across my mind –

Hopes of running free

Unentangled by life’s frustrations

Pressing towards the prize.

I leave the burden by the roadside ;

Another sweeps it away.

I long for a place of forgetting –

To embrace only joy.

I visualise a sandy path

I hear waves crash and die away

I feel the chilling foam as it touches my feet…

The sand is filled with water;

A pattern forms –

The stream departs to join the wider sea.

The sea is like life’s worries;

They come so close,

Touching our feet,

Sending shivers down our spines.

Gradually they lose their vigour,

Falling aside to join the others we have chosen to release

A silver gull soars overhead.

Suddenly it swoops and lands,

Causing a wild commotion.

The strong stand firm –

Their Leader fights for them.

Once more there is tranquility.

The picture fades.

I have melted into a luscious green pasture.

I am a foal finding my feet for the first time.

I am gaining strength and health

And soon…

Running freely

I see the prize before me!

It leads me over hills

I never thought I could ascend

I crawl through valleys

Unfit for worms


I endure

I will win

The crown of life is mine!

© M.R.P. 1997

Published by mezruth

I enjoy personal writing (poetry and prose), editing and reading. I want to share my writing with a new audience, dusting off some of my older poems as well as writing new material. The aim is to encourage and inspire!

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