She Waited

Her fourteen year old smile

Approved each detail tentatively.

She anticipated each ride

To that familiar place,

Where sweat was a sweet thing –

A sign that when the siren pierced the air,

He might be there.

He used to come more frequently

And she wished she had noticed then;

It was his absence that prompted

The fable spanning many years –

That his appearance would

Obliterate the terrible,

The mundane.

In his gaze, there was beauty

Enough for a thousand lifetimes,

Yet that secret was safely hidden

Beneath layers of teenage skin.

The fable grew;

He had returned and

His timing was impeccable.

Nothing seemed quite so

Ordinary anymore.

Sensing finality,

She addressed him,

Softly spoken,

Heart beating fast,

A matter so trivial –

Yet his caring way

Made him swell

Forever in her eyes.

She disappeared –

So did he,

And in her dream

He walked on,

Never to return.

She waited in disbelief,

Always hoping for that

Once more –

And there he was,

At a distance to admire,

But never see…

That she waited

© M.R.P. 2015

Published by mezruth

I enjoy personal writing (poetry and prose), editing and reading. I want to share my writing with a new audience, dusting off some of my older poems as well as writing new material. The aim is to encourage and inspire!

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