You watched a tear Springing from my heart Joining with the river Falling down below. You called my name I did not reply Instead You saw my heart I couldn’t kneel to pray. You brought me comfort All I saw was pain Yet even in my blindness I saw You smile at me. Hope cameContinue reading “YOU”

What Is Your Goliath?

Many people have heard of the David and Goliath story from the Bible. It happened to be last Sunday’s sermon topic at church and I was impressed that it was addressed with a fresh perspective. It was immensely practical, not only looking at how David slayed Goliath, but also relating back to the struggles weContinue reading “What Is Your Goliath?”

A Reset

Sometimes we need a reset. Time away from the ‘everyday’ and having different scenery to fill the senses as well as a break from the daily routine. Our family holiday came at a crucial time- tension was running high, the noise was always too loud and the whining from the children was a little moreContinue reading “A Reset”