Way Back Wednesday #2

Several years ago, whilst writing to a fellow blogger, the idea to share little memory snippets was born. The name “Tidbit Tuesday” was coined. I know that it is easier to connect to someone’s writing if you know a bit about their background, so in addition to my poetry and reflective posts, I have decided to share some favourite songs with you. Some of them may surprise you – I like a wide range of music, from Classical to Pop, Soul, Film Themes, and Country, just to name a few types.

Without further ado, let me go “Way-back-when” and introduce three more of my favourite songs…

  1. Blue Skies (Eva Cassidy) – While my first inclination is to mention “Fields of Gold” when I think of Eva Cassidy’s songs, I can’t go past the very first song I learnt of hers. Such a cool, snappy little song, it reminds me a little of that Disney song , Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” for its energy and ability to make me think of a cloudless Summer’s day.
  2. Forrest Gump Feather Theme – What a story this piece tells. Even if I didn’t watch the movie, Forrest Gump, I’m sure it would have still tugged at my heart strings. I told my hubby that I would like it played at my memorial one day- it seems to capture the ups, the downs and inbetweens so beautifully, starting out so delicate and childlike, going through trials of great magnitude, reflective and solemn then, as I want my life to conclude with, a big finale followed by a quiet exit! To understand me more on this one, I will post my biographical poem with poetic licence, “The Strong Stand Firm”.
  3. Stuck on You (Eddie Lovette) – I grew up with a lot of easy listening tunes played in the car and at home. This one was so likeable, I never grew tired of it. I feel relaxed when I hear it (I would tend to have to look for a song like this now, rather than stumble across it on the radio!). I love the longevity of the relationship spoken of in the song. That undying kind of a love that comes back for more, no matter what has happened.

Well that’s it from me for now – a very quiet few weeks on the blog where I just needed to look after myself, followed by an urge to write again. It’s just gone “Pumpkin Hour” (midnight) so I really shouldn’t be staring at a computer screen. Hope to see you again for another “Way Back Wednesday”. Should you like to join me, you could have a regular post by the same name on your blog – it would be fun to share music!


You called me beautiful;

I wondered what you saw –

Am I beautiful because you remember what I was,

Or do you know what’s deep inside?

I have known you for so many years

And never once

Did you speak harsh words

Or make me feel small

You’re a giant in my eyes –

And you always did know how to

Capture a pick-me-up

With a single word or touch.

We often don’t need to speak –

Just the knowledge that we

Think the world of each other

Is enough.

You called me beautiful –

Not too many have managed

To make me believe it…

But you did.

© M.R.P. 2015

While You Are Small

You lug the giant watering can,

Helping the garden grow,

Content to follow and help where you can –

Running to and fro.

Your sunny disposition is a blessing to me

And I love your innocent ways –

Whereever you go there’s a joyful song,

And pleasant are the days.

All too soon you will be grown –

I must treasure the moments so sweet

A beautiful girl – such a gift to the world –

Dancing, happy feet!

© M.R.P 2019

Lessons of Late

Inbetween the craziness of having barely any time to call my own, I am posting a few old poems from my original blog, but I do also plan to do posts like this one, as well as sharing some favourite music and penning some more poetry.

I haven’t had a lot of time to reflect, but themes in life have a way of screaming for attention at times. I happened to stumble across a life coaching video by a lady called Lisa Corduff and it got me thinking about priorities. Often life sort of just happens to me and around me and I feel a constant state of overwhelm. Lisa’s video helped me initiate a family conversation about what truly mattered. I’m still pondering it and being helped by it.

One of the necessities which I threw away when life got tough, was music. I only have to see the way my daughter sings and dances at every opportunity, to see what I would (still) be like if I didn’t get so stressed and caught up in the to-do list.

So today I’m challenging you (and myself) to get back to the heart of things. Stop worrying about someone else’s stamp of approval. If it’s important to you then it should be given time. Waiting for an opportune moment could prove a waste of time. Some things can’t wait and so many people could be blessed along the way.