The Fight

She packed away the baby things,

And with that, her hope took flight-

Not many knew the grief she had carried –

The desperation and the fight.

Not only were the final years slipping away,

But it seemed that the possibility was none;

Her dream of having a little girl

Left as quickly as it had begun.

She screamed and sobbed;

It was not fair that depression had robbed her of much –

Nothing could bring back those younger years,

And the struggle to conceive was such,

That pain upon pain would grow and strangle

With the lies that surrounded her head –

Nothing and no one could pull her out;

It felt like even God was not there;

Yet at the eleventh hour He seemed

To unveil His loving care.

It had held her through the hardest of times –

It had wept with her as she let go –

It had tenderly embraced her as a dear friend prayed

And laid on hands while she didn’t know,

That right about then a little life

Was blooming precious and strong –

What an amazing miracle of God

Who now lives her life in song.

And so for all who suffer still

In pain too great to bear –

My story stands as testament

To make you now aware –

That always One stands willingly

To hold you in darkest night,

And because He bled and took your place

He has power to win your fight.

© M.R.P. 2019

When You Have To Write

Hands up all you songwriters and writers of poetry and prose who have been in this particular place or find yourself there on a regular basis. For some, writing is a hobby dabbled in but in your case, you HAVE to write. If you go too long without writing something down, you get a bit edgy, like you haven’t had a coffee when you need one. If you wait longer still, you get too busy in your head, with all the thoughts whirling around – thoughts that you desperately need to process and possibly even share. After that, comes a sort of numbness – a blockage to the thoughts which, by that stage, have become stuffed down, intertwined and even confused, having no way of being processed. Wait long enough, and the mood can actually slump. Some of us need to write and do it regularly, just as we exercise (or know we should exercise!), ring our mother (if we have one) and do the dishes (believe me, after a week or so, there are colours, textures and smells in those dishes that have to be dealt with using gloves!!!)

So anyway, back to writing. What is stopping you from writing today? Sometimes I make myself get this and that done before I compose a piece of writing on the computer or type a post on my phone, yet by the time I get here, the inspiration has gone. Some things need to be written right away, like poetry or lines from a song. The essence of the writing needs to be captured in its entirety, not as fragments from the days before.

Tonight I am giving myself permission to write. Tomorrow too. I won’t hold back and I may not even get the housework done first. Sometimes the writing will motivate a better me to come forth! If not, at least my brain can be a little less busy!!!

If I Could Say

If I could say just one more thing

Before my life flits away,

I would tell you how precious you are to the King –

His life, He was willing to pay.

His pain, oh He bled

Like hell itself –

He went through the depths for you

And He waits and He aches- He watches chances slip away

As His heart is pierced right through.

He watches you striving, He watches you fall –

He longs to strengthen your heart;

He sees the destruction that leaves you broken –

He loved you from the start

He catches each tear and keeps them in a bottle

He saw you before you were born –

And you’re so busy living life on your own

His very existence you scorn.

And all He longs to tell you is, “You are worth everything” –

But for now, He cannot be heard –

Yet a glimmer of hope is found now and then,

In a heart that He has stirred.

A gentleman, He will not rain down fire

Or force you to come to His side,

But He promises to be a refuge and help –

A place where you can hide.

Just one thing – His love never fails,

And He’ll wait a lifetime for the prize –

You were worth it all

You are worth it all

Irreplacable, in His eyes.

© M.R.P. 2010

The Strong Stand Firm

Just when I think the last tear has fallen,

Another trickles down;

It provokes a river,

Running freely;

All of the pain is released.

Pictures flash across my mind –

Hopes of running free

Unentangled by life’s frustrations

Pressing towards the prize.

I leave the burden by the roadside ;

Another sweeps it away.

I long for a place of forgetting –

To embrace only joy.

I visualise a sandy path

I hear waves crash and die away

I feel the chilling foam as it touches my feet…

The sand is filled with water;

A pattern forms –

The stream departs to join the wider sea.

The sea is like life’s worries;

They come so close,

Touching our feet,

Sending shivers down our spines.

Gradually they lose their vigour,

Falling aside to join the others we have chosen to release

A silver gull soars overhead.

Suddenly it swoops and lands,

Causing a wild commotion.

The strong stand firm –

Their Leader fights for them.

Once more there is tranquility.

The picture fades.

I have melted into a luscious green pasture.

I am a foal finding my feet for the first time.

I am gaining strength and health

And soon…

Running freely

I see the prize before me!

It leads me over hills

I never thought I could ascend

I crawl through valleys

Unfit for worms


I endure

I will win

The crown of life is mine!

© M.R.P. 1997