And So Begins Another Chapter

It has been weeks since I have had time to write or even think very much. Holidays are good in the sense that I see the children more, but it is hard work having little rest and them still so young. Today I was fortunate to have a few hours to myself while hubby took some leave and I found it hard to be still and to not have to have a sense that I was achieving something in that time. I enjoyed writing a small letter to a friend overseas, took a stroll around a lake at a local park and then returned there to craft a short writing piece that my son has requested for months. A little sequel to the Velveteen Rabbit story – one in which the ending is changed. It’s not quite finished but I look forward to presenting it to him with some sketches done by a friend if I can. I think I will revisit that little spot by the mini lake whenever I need a tranquil place – it’s hard for me to find places to inspire creativity without feeling like I must drive a long distance.

Tomorrow begins another chapter in my life – I return to work as a learning support assistant, this time, with my daughter in long daycare. I have eased her into a longer stay for the past two sessions, but this will be breakfast until almost dinner time. She was clingy tonight, wanting someone to lie down with her and settle her. She asked myself, hubby and even her 8 year old brother. I felt so sad that I had an appointment and couldn’t stay. She will do so much growing up this year, even as I seek to make some inroads in my own personal development. Already, she expresses herself quite well in sentences and gets indignant over things. It’s cute! She breaks into song or dance frequently and I do hope she spreads that joy wherever she goes. My son is changing from small boy to that inbetween stage – not quite pubescent but growing up ever so fast. I feel a lump in my throat as I know the years will go quickly now.

I must away for now but will write more as it comes. Till then, stay well and keep your writing flowing!

A Christmas Reflection

As the Christmas lights dim and carolling ceases,

Children’s toys litter the floor in pieces –

My reflective mood comes to the surface again;

Time to stop and pick up the pen!

I’m too old to believe in fairytale life,

As I read of bushfires and growing strife,

Yet there’s something that gives me hope for the ‘morrow –

Setting my confidence, parting from sorrow.

I keep coming back, knowing once more,

I must share these thoughts, each heart I implore;

That babe in the manger not weak as we thought –

He took on hell and in power he fought –

His death stamping out the sting in our own;

We no longer had to go it alone.

Hope came to us that Christmas night –

And when all has gone dark, He will be our light.

Traditions come and go but His love will remain,

Holding us through seasons of joy and pain;

Guiding us when our way is unclear –

Steadfast every day of the year.

© M.R.P 2.1.20

Tommy’s Ears

When I was just a few years old, I had something big weighing on my mind. I was feeling extremely guilty – not for something I had done as a once-off, but for a repeated offence. What was worse, Tommy seemed to be affected in the long-term  from what I had done only a handful of times. It was innocent at first – placing clothes pegs on the ears of the family cat seemed a logical place to me. But then I got hooked. I kept doing it, because it was such a comical thing to see the cat’s ears drooping with the weight of the plastic clothes pegs! It was no longer laughable when I was aged five and a half. Not long before Christmas, Dad was backing the car into the driveway and tragically ran over Tommy, who died on the way to the vet.

I was shunted inside pretty quickly after running outside to investigate, but I remember the spattering of blood on the path. For quite sometime later, I blamed myself. You see, Tommy was deaf.  I mistakenly thought that it was because I had placed pegs on his ears, when I was just a pre-schooler.

It wasn’t until perhaps a year or two down the track, when we were discussing the matter at the dinner table, that I blurted out my confession. I couldn’t understand why the family was in stitches – to me this was very serious; I had indirectly caused the death of the family cat, or so I thought. Mum and Dad set the record straight, and I can’t tell you how relieved I was.

Isn’t it funny how one tiny thought can turn into an unnecessary burden, if left unchecked!

(Originally posted in 2014 on an old blog).