Kind Eyes

You have kind eyes-

The kind that melt me every time.

They tell me you’ll never say goodbye

And you love me as I am.

We’ve travelled many years as friends-

Sometimes closer than you knew.

Times with you are always

Happy times

Your eyes convey the knowledge

That you understand

Or you will try ever so hard.

We’ve grown up a lot

Through the years

But one thing never changed

And never will…

Your kind eyes.

© M.R.P 2015

Calm My Storm

Inside my soul

A storm is raging

A battle – a war

My flesh is aging

The spring in my step

The joy in my smile


The eye of the storm

The subtle ceasefire

For a moment all is calm.

Rejoicing comes

The battle won?

I dive into the busyness of life.

Once more I put my heart and soul

Into all that I can.

But the mind is cruel.

Too much, too soon

I crumble.

Careful steps

Precautionary measures

I am picked up from the dust.

The rain beats down

The wind picks up

Swords are drawn.

But I am standing

I am smiling

In my heart

I am running.

One must have a place to run to

A reason to run

Or energy is wasted.

Tears flow

My face is warm

My heart grows weary.

Hiding in the shelter

I breathe deeply

Slowly my lungs are filling

My mind is clearing

I am content to rest.

I cry from the depths of my soul

 “Calm my storm.”

Until then, I will hide and rest

Here in the shelter.

© M.R.P 1998

He’ll Never Let You Go

What do you do

When you don’t know where you belong?

When your dreams get a little hazy?

When you feel you’ve lost your way?

Hope is suppressed, as you fight doubts and fears

Your eyes fill with tears, and your heart screams for help

What do you say

When you see no point in trying?

When the task overwhelms your head?

When tomorrow is a painful thought?

How can you stand, when you feel lost and alone?

When you’re floating in depression

When the walls are caving in?

Trapped in a mindset

As you reach for the light

Your heart still in chains

Too weak to cry, “Help!”

You fall down in the dust

Then a firm hand releases you

Lifts you out

Darkness disappears

He gives you joy

And you see

Things you’ve never seen

You have a hope that won’t leave –

He’ll never let you go…

© M.R.P 2009

I wrote this poem almost ten years ago and now it seems appropriate to share it once more. No matter how difficult the circumstances, I find, time and time again, that there is always a way to cope when I lean on my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I can feel trapped, lonely or even at breaking point and then I humble myself to ask for His help. He gives me the peace I need to move forward and be constructive in my thought patterns, enabling positive action to occur.

Learning to Soar

Sometimes in life we wish we could be someone else or be somewhere else. Learning contentment is the one of the most empowering things you can do.

“Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.” Victor Hugo

Welcome to my new blog. It is here that you will find inspirational poetry, personal writing and beautiful scenery from around the world. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, you are invited to join me on my journey as I reminisce on my life so far.

PEI Summerside Sunset panorama © M.R.P 2019