About Me

I have enjoyed writing since I was a little girl. Being an avid reader from my early years, I took a particular interest in poetry, penning rhyme and freeform verse as a child as well as journalling later on. I enjoy being out in nature, singing, cooking and gardening, just to name a few hobbies. I like animals and listening to music, dancing when nobody is watching and paper craft. I would love to travel the world but for now, I go in my dreams, appreciating other peoples’ photographs. If I could write a whole book I would, but for now, I share little snippets of my writing and hope that it encourages other people.

Fixing My Eyes

I’ve tried all week to watch a movie on Netflix but I just couldn’t settle and concentrate. At first I obsessively checked the Coronavirus death/case counts for the countries mentioned, studying the graphs, trying to predict what would happen next, awake past midnight and getting more anxious by the minute. Then I began to worship. It was the only thing that made sense in the chaos. I did a bit of panic buying then I realised that even the most prepared person would eventually run out of fresh produce and other necessities. People around me were struggling and I wasn’t helping. This wasn’t what I was created to do.

I started praying and I remembered what I used to do before life got hard, though it was still a challenge. I used to pour out my heart on paper, sharing from my heart, bold enough to lay it bare, so that others could benefit from my journey. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing. Other times I have something to say but I get distracted by other menial tasks or pointless time-wasting pursuits. Yet for some people on this earth, time will be a luxury as they fight for their lives. We cannot bring back yesterday and do it better but we can do today well.

So I’m going to write. I’m not going to hold back- I’m not going to hide my faith either, so if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s ok. I must, however, open my mouth and praise my Maker in the years I am given. From the time I could speak I sang songs to God and this past week, as I saw others making videos to encourage others to lift up their praise to God, I was strengthened in my spirit. This is not a battle we are facing alone. Just like in 2 Chronicles 20, God is fighting for us. We need to praise and trust Him with child-like faith, knowing that He sees the end from the beginning, He cares and He has gone before us.

Mother’s Day Poem

A new life waits to come into the world

And the mother is filled with joy

As she feels the movement of life within her;

A beautiful girl or boy.

She doesn’t know who her child will resemble

And his character is not yet revealed,

Yet within her maternal heart, she finds,

A promise of a future sealed.

A mother stands and watches her child

As he clasps the rung of a chair

Determined, he takes some wobbly steps

When he sees her loving stare.

Soon he tires of the effort

But he’ll try again before too long,

And he has been caught up into her arms

Gentle, yet safe and strong.

Her little girl gives a chrysanthemum white,

A token for love that glows,

And it seems that her mummy could be no happier

To receive one hundred of those.

Her mother loves all that God has made

And this, to her daughter, makes known;

That she’ll love her just as much as now

When all the years have flown.

Throughout the good and bad times

She feels their joy and pain

And she gives them hope and support

Which helps them find their feet again.

And when there’s encouragement to give-

Each child, precious and unique;

She will do her best to give

The comfort that they seek.

Years pass by so quickly

And her children become aware

That their mother is not infallible

Nor will she always be there;

But a mother’s care continues on

Long after her children are grown –

And they will be touched for the rest of their lives

By the love that their mother has shown.

©M.R.P. 2000.


How could You have stood there,

Without a word to say,

As they jeered and mocked and bound You up

Leading You away.

I would have had a thousand words

To silence all their lies,

But every word You didn’t say

Was spoken through Your eyes;

For while they made a fool of You,

And whipped You without cause,

Your heart was full of love for them –

Their sins became Your sores.

They led You through the temple courts

And brought You before the crowd –

People just like me were there,

Shouting out aloud.

And not one spoke at Your defence,

Though You had done no wrong;

They wanted someone else released

And You did not have long.

In just a little while, You were flogged some more –

Beaten to the ground;

Flogged and battered till You were crushed,

Yet no sin in You was found.

On and on they led You through

The streets where You had spread your fame –

They made You carry a heavy cross

 Though You were not to blame.

The journey was long and Your strength had waned

As You drew near to the place,

So they chose a man to share Your load –

Your burden, to embrace;

But none could imagine the agony You felt

Nor the pain of each new blow –

The torment as each nail drove through Your flesh 

I will never know.

They hoisted You up for all to see

And stripped Your dignity bare;

Your enemies and friends together, looked on,

As they crucified You there.

© M.R.P 2004

Round and Round

My family and I decided to check out an annual food, music and wine festival tonight. The kids played on the playground and we bumped into some old friends we hadn’t seen for a while. We heard two bands and then my hubby and son rode the dodgem cars together. It was wonderful giving my kids an experience similar to what I had enjoyed as a child. When we first arrived at the festival and saw the carnival rides, we noticed the big Ferris wheel and I longed to go on it as a whole family. Hubby wasn’t keen to spend the money, preferring to go on the Melbourne Star, but somehow I managed to convince him it was worth it. What I didn’t know, was that this was his very first Ferris wheel ride! I hadn’t been on one since my teens. As a joke, I suggested that this could be part of my birthday present.

We got on and as we reached the top and looked down to the road, I was very glad I hadn’t gone on alone with my daughter. I find heights difficult – surprising, I know (!) that I chose a Ferris wheel ride! I just wanted to be with my family having fun all together. We certainly achieved that … instead of stopping after 2 or 3 rounds as we expected, that Ferris wheel went round about 15-20 times!!! It was quite fast too, much to our amusement! If my husband was worried about value for money (it was $25 for the four of us to go on as a family) he needn’t have been!!! Round and round we went, almost as if they had forgotten to unload everyone! We had a wonderful view of all the carnival rides and the sun getting ready to set as we looked across the marina. What a wonderful way to finish the evening. We will remember those many rounds for years to come- an amusing experience for us four!