What Is Your Goliath?

Many people have heard of the David and Goliath story from the Bible. It happened to be last Sunday’s sermon topic at church and I was impressed that it was addressed with a fresh perspective. It was immensely practical, not only looking at how David slayed Goliath, but also relating back to the struggles weContinue reading “What Is Your Goliath?”

A Reset

Sometimes we need a reset. Time away from the ‘everyday’ and having different scenery to fill the senses as well as a break from the daily routine. Our family holiday came at a crucial time- tension was running high, the noise was always too loud and the whining from the children was a little moreContinue reading “A Reset”

Life Begins

One of the reasons I returned to blogging after a 3-year hiatus was to examine the life season I am in and to have some motivation to write about it, while reconnecting with the blogging community. It has been quite a ride the past 10 years- from changing profession briefly, leaving the classroom behind andContinue reading “Life Begins”