When the Cage Door Is Open But You’re Still On The Perch!

Have you ever found that change has had a blockage in your life, having little to do with a lack of information or opportunity? You have been to the seminars, read the books, googled many thoughts on the topic, yet you can’t quite move forward? I have had this happen to me at various points in my life, and this time, it’s to do with weightloss. Whilst I am starting to win in other areas, like being more organised and spending more quality time with the kids, I find it incredibly difficult to stick out a whole day of good eating, even when I prepare the foods I need. Many times I come unstuck, even when I have pre-prepared my lunch and snacks. I don’t have time to calorie track and exercise is difficult with an injury I’m dealing with. I wonder what it is that holds back necessary change? I ended up borrowing Rick Kausman’s book “If not dieting, then what” and concluded that my battle with food has a lot to do with psychological matters and not so much with knowledge of what is helpful for me to put into my body. I am truly stumped though. Why am I not able to choose long-term commitment and looking for a quick solution on this one? Past weight-loss efforts have been tied to big things like my wedding. Rewards these days seem a little too elusive to aim for. I wish I could do something for myself and not have my efforts tied up in what another person thinks.

What has worked for you? What have you used to motivate you towards lasting change? It doesn’t have to be weightloss, but maybe you have a general principle I can apply in my case?

(By the way, the image included in this post is a much younger me, deliberately blurry so it just gives you an idea of what I look like!).

Published by mezruth

I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful and spirited young children, living in Australia. Unashamedly, I am a follower of Christ; He is my daily hope and inspiration. I enjoy dabbling in a range of hobbies ! These include (but aren't limited to) gardening, cooking, making cards, playing piano, singing, writing letters, journalling and walking in nature/ identifying animal species. I find it hard to make time for myself but I'm learning that life is too short and sometimes things must be scheduled in or the days slip away without much change. Family and friends are very important to me and I am happiest when I live my life in community.

2 thoughts on “When the Cage Door Is Open But You’re Still On The Perch!

  1. I don’t know if there is lasting change, Mez. It’s not that is a bad thing, but my life seems to be in flux forever. In terms of positive habits, I just try to do something for 14 days in a row, without cheating. That gets me to a good habit and it’s usually helpful to me.

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    1. That sounds doable. I will give that a go! It seems that there’s always going to be a celebration or something to make it tricky, but small duration plans could be a winner.


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